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The "Gem Lab" is equipped with the necessary tools, instruments and reference materials required to identify and grade gemstones as well as verify precious metal types and ascertain value. 

For convenience sake, the lab is portable so I can come to you!
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"Leave no stone unturned."
Services & Rates
Quality appraisals provided:

Appraisal Rates

*Minimum fee for 1 item or 1st item: $125.00*
2nd item: $75.00*
3rd item: $65.00*
Items 4-10: $50.00 each*

Collections of 10 items or more will need to be reviewed for estimate.

*These rates are for items with 1 stone or simple items. 
Items with multiple stones or more complicated items that require more time and research will be reviewed and given an estimate upon viewing.

Consultations & estate sorting will also be billed at an hourly rate of $100.00.

If travel is necessary:

In traveling situations of an hour or more a stipend to cover fuel and other possible travel expenses may apply. This will be discussed and agreed upon ahead of time. 
Any travel of considerable distance that would require an overnight stay will be billed at an hourly rate of $125.00.

Other services:

  • Estate Sorting & Sifting
  • ​Hypothetical, Damage or Loss Reports
  • ​Confidence Coaching
  • ​Consulting 
  • ​Buying & Selling Advice
  • Brokering
  • ​Gem Identification
  • ​Quality Confirmation
  • Insurance
  • Estate
  • ​Charitable Donations
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Fair Market Value or FMV
  • Dissolution of Marriage


Trust VTPA for any appraisal or consulting needs that you have and be reassured that you will be treated with respect, confidentiality and kindness. 
     You will get personalized service from a trained professional that loves jewelry and wants to help you protect and care for yours! 
My promise to you...
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What will I need from you?

  • I need to know what kind of appraisal it is that you need. This is because different appraisals show different values. That is why it's important for the appraiser to understand the intended use of the appraisal so as to be sure you get the proper information that suits your needs.

  • For insurance appraisals mainly: bring along or have ready any prior appraisals, receipts and/or any stone certifications from an accredited laboratory (Important: this information, usually a long number, needs to be noted on the appraisal) you may already have. These are a must. If you have any questions about what any of this is, just give me a call, I'm here to help.

  • Your jewelry of course! Preferably clean. No problem, I can do this for you, but cleaning jewelry takes time. If it's pretty clean already this will speed along the process quite a bit. If you're unsure about how to safely clean your jewelry, I'd be happy to give you a quick tutorial over the phone. 

The process...

  • First, how do you do's, a quick overview of the process and a chance to ask questions.

  • Then, a thorough cleaning. All jewelry needs to be thoroughly cleaned prior to any appraisal work, especially anything containing diamonds or colored stones. This is to allow for accurate color and clarity grading.

  • Appraising takes time. This is a very important process that shouldn't be rushed. Care needs to be taken that all specifications and descriptions are accurate. This takes concentration and time. I can assure you that I will work quickly and efficiently to get the work done in a thorough timely manner.

No Surprises! We will discuss everything ahead of time so that we are sure to be on the same page. As with anything, there are some exceptions and unforeseen circumstances may arise. For instance, from time to time, a diamond or colored stone needs to be submitted to an accredited laboratory, like GIA, where they have very "high tech" testing equipment that can detect and verify specific treatments and origins.

Rate and time estimates will be given and agreed upon before hand. However, it can be difficult to give an estimate over the phone without seeing the items first. Upon viewing the items, something unexpected may come up, this should be taken into consideration. A rare case, but to err on the side of caution, no appraisal estimate is solid without first viewing the items.     

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